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This is the 3rd official IGI sticker sheet! Once these are all gone we will make a 4th one, and that one will be the mother of all sticker sheets! Til then, this is all you’ll get.

ย  At IGI, stickers is life! No stickers, no bike parts! As simple as that! Get your IGI sticker sheet and stick em up in your mother’s kitchen, RIGHT NOW! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL! Or just order something and get a bunch of stickers free of charge. IGI I GOT IT BABYYY!!!

CAD13.49$ – US9.99$


No better way to represent us out in the world than by rockin’ one of our IGI / @igiflatbmx bracelets! One free in each package.

CAD12.49$ – US10.00$ / 7 color pack

1 for US1.00$


HArd to believe how all these years have passed by so quickly, it seems like yesterday when we were travelling the Deserts of Chile up through the Andes and onto the Altiplano in search of nothing but exercising our freedom to move forwards! How else could we be living our lifes if not exploring this beautiful globe with our friends, isn’t that the goal of life? Check out this epic adventure through South America on Vimeo or navigate this website to the TRIP section and or just CLICK HERE to watchย  Ben, Taku and Dub blow up an engine, crash the second car, sleep in shady places and ride here and there on the not so great floors that sprinkle the West side of the Andes! Comment on the video if you like it, DM ben on instagram and let him know he should be out in the world killing it again! Yall have the power to move mountains with us, we got this! ๐Ÿ™‚

CAD11.99$ – US8.99$