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In 2015, Jean William and Jesse visited the carribean island of St-Martin and this epic video showing the island’s bike life resulted of this collaboration with our friend Parotte aka. BADBUSH on the scooter and Jeremy aka STACKY STACKS behind the scenes pulling the strings . Follow them on Instagram @parotte & @madtwozfmailyassociation for more cool bike life stuff and activities on the island, hit them up for further information on visiting and sharing time with them on the island!

When we first arrived in SXM, we headed toย  Sandy Ground where we stayed at Badbush’s house for 2 weeks. As we crossed the bridge and arrived in Sandy Ground we were greeted by a gang of locals whom showed us around and pointed out how differently they live from the other neihghboorhoods which are mostly French vacationers. Sandy Ground is located on a strip of sand between Simpson Bay and the Canal of Anguila, therefore the name Sandy Ground. The island is prone to hurricanes and was hit hard by Irma and Maria in 2017, they are still recovering, but the island has regained it’s shine once again and the island is once again open to vacationers from the globe! During our stay we made this video which ended up playing on local TV and reached 10’s of thousands of views on FB. Thanks for watching and stay tune for the next adventure!

Enjoy a few more pictures of our trip in the gallery below, have a good one…

You can follow BAdbush on instagram at @parotte, Jeremy at @madtwozassociation and Jesse at @ogwonka. Visit the Mad Twoz Family association website at For any other questions or info write us at Cheers!!