Jean William Prévost

Hey I'm Jean William, I've been riding flatland for 17 years, I founded IGI in 2014, I vow to provide a quality flatland specific product that answers the needs of an evolving sport and grow with the techniques currently being developed on the flatland bike worldwide. Thanks for visiting the website. Refer to the contact form for any questions relating to our products. Ride on!


The idea for the IGI peg came to me way before the idea or thought of ever owning a brand. In 2009, I was in Beijing doing shows for an amusement park and the environment was dry and dusty, griptape and knurling always gave out and became slippery after a while so the idea of the edge/ball to serve as an anchor for the feet and hands came to mind and next to the dorm were machine shops where I had the first peg created. The first capped igi peg was then produced in 2011 in Emilio's shop in Santiago, Chile where he gladly handed me the first capped prototypes for the price of 40 ish dollars.