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In this edition of FLAT SYSTEM I run over the costs of competing in UCI WORLDS if leaving from CANADA and how I feel about it taking place at this moment in time, plus taking a look into the IGI RiRi stem and I also talk a bit about FEC Ti products.


FLAT SYSTEM 004 : Hitting a couple topics in this one including a short review of the insane level at the Jeep Real Games, The Future of BMX Flatland, the Flatmatters Awards and even talk about bringing back a stem I used to ride when I was 18, a part designed by Luc Moreau and that will be produced by Sequence Flatland Bmx that just recently came back to producing flatland parts ! That and a couple other BMX Flatland news tidbits! IGI baby I got it !


FLAT SYSTEM 003 with Jason Plourde : Jason had some crazy life experiences. We were riding buddies for the longest time back in Shenzhen, China. We shared rooms for months, did hundreds of shows and learned countless tricks together. It’s a bit sad that he can’t ride anymore due to a back injury, but nice to see him in great shape and in a good mood even though covid is trying to get the best of us. In this episode we talk about the times we spent in China, what was the craziest thing to happen to him over there, why he can’t ride anymore and what he is up to nowadays. If you haven’t already please subscribe to the IGI youtube channel ! Cheers!


FLAT SYSTEM 002 : Heresy Flatland bmx brand put out a new tire called Zephyr and here are my 1st impressions about the product before riding it.


FLAT SYSTEM 001 : Running through a couple new products I got in stock & what is @igiflatlog IG page.