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Jason Plourde

Age : 31

Location : Quebec City, Earth

Years Riding : 15

Top five places : Under a Tree, Beaches, China, Japan, India

Top 3 food : Spinach Salad, Raw Veggies & Pita bread with Hummus, Beans and rice

Music Style : Trap/Drum&Bass/ Hindu and Chinese traditional music

Topic you hated at school : French, Maths

Topic you love in real life : Science of the Mind, Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Physical Exercise, Health, Languages

Best Trip in your life : 2013 Road trip to Voodoo Jam

Rider you looked up to as a beginner : Chad Degroot, Dave Mirra, Chase, Manu Massabova, Martti, Viki

First thing you do when you wake up : Wash my face with cold water

If you were to reincarnate what time and place would you choose :

Anytime and place in which we use our Being’s full potential and our planetary resources in a super efficient way, in cooperation, for the benefit of all.

What is wrong with the World : Nothing

What is right with the World : Everything

What technology do you wish existed : Teleportation

Favorite time of the year : Summer

What’s your favorite way to spend an afternoon aside from riding your bike :

Shadow boxing, skipping rope or kettlebell training and then either walk or ride to a spot where it is peaceful to meditate, empty the mind and raise energy. It can be done at home with some incense.

Why are we here : To learn to remember who we really are and help others remember.

What is more important to you, happiness, purpose or money : Inner Peace as Happiness

Anyone you want to send out love to?

Jacob, Robert and Fred Gates @Reklamation bikes. You (Dub) @ igi for being a good friend, an awesome rider and providing innovative bike parts. Craz-E Crew stunt team for being awesome humans and giving me opportunities to live the dream. All of you flatlanders for being positive and sending good vibes. Special thanks to Brandon Fenton, Chase Gouin and Takuji Kasahara. Buddha and the Dalai Lama for their wisdom.

To everyone, we all need Love!

Jason spent 7 years of his twenties working for an amusement park in Shenzhen, China doing Flatland shows on his BMX, he speaks French, English and also Chinese Mandarin fluently. You may find him meditating or  training with his kettlebells and/or spinning some stubbleducks at his local spot in downtown Quebec City. Make sure to follow him instagram and facebook. Namaste.
Instagram did not return a 200.