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Tyler Gilliard

Age : 26

Location : Lakeland, Florida

Years Riding : 12

Top five places : Japan, China, Montreal, Germany, all over the USA. (These are places I’ve visited).

Top 3 food : Mediterranean, Thai, Curry

Music Style : EDM, Dubstep, NuJazz, Trip Hop, Rock, Trap

Topic you hated at school : History

Topic you love in real life : Math,

Best Trip in your life : Japan 2015, China 2013, or 2 Hip tour 2011.

Rider you looked up to as a beginner : Tj Perry, Terry Adams, Stephen Cerra

First thing you do when you wake up : Protein Shake/Breakfast

If you were to reincarnate what time and place would you choose : 

Like…I’d be down to be an Upir and basically live forever, Upir are Ukrainian vampire that can walk in the daylight

What is wrong with the World : Legislation allowing for the destruction of the environment and affected cultures in the name of profit.

What is right with the World : Technology allowing people from all over the world to connect and communicate. An increasing amount of vegan food options.

What technology do you wish existed : Teleportation and rapid healing/regeneration.

Favorite time of the year : Not cold time

Why are we here : To learn, teach, and inspire

What is more important to you, happiness, purpose or money : Happiness; however, purpose and happiness can be easily obtained with unlimited financial backing. No money can be the cause of unnecessary struggle, struggle that diminishes happiness.

How’s the scene in Florida?  The scene in Florida regarding Flatland is really spread out; however, it’s huge with the street scene.  I was totally unaware of just how many Flatland riders live in the Central Florida area until I threw jams  this past December and January earlier this year.  I believe that it will grown over the next few years with some young blood.

What’s your favorite surface to ride on?  After the Real City Spin in Montreal, wood is definitely at the top of the list now.  Besides wood, I’m a lot more partial to a smooth, indoor concrete slab that has been mopped over with a cola to add grip.

Anyone you would like to thank?
First and foremost, I’d like to thank my parents, especially my dad for teaching me how to ride a bike in the first place.  A huge heartfelt thank you goes to my mom for supporting, and continuing to support, my dreams all these years.  Big ups to all of my sponsors for helping with keeping my bike in check and my body healthy.  I’d like to thank everyone I’ve met along the way for the great times, any advice, trick tips and ideas, filming and photography sessions, all of the contest organizers and judges, and anyone who has ever and continues to believe in me!

Tyler is born and raised in Lakeland, Florida, lucky him get to ride year round, his powerful style defines him out of the mass of riders out there. Built like the Hulk yet swift and agile on the frontwheel, you may expect to see him working on Caligraphy artwork, CAD designs, working out at the gym (not that he needs it) or  most probably hiding away at his underground parking lot spot in Lakeland. Make sure to follow him on instagram @tylergilliard and like his athlete facebook page /tyler.gilliard


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