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    Alberto Moya

Alberto Moya

Age : 33

Location : Madrid, Spain

Years Riding : 18

Top five places : Plaza de Colón, Cologne, Finland, Japan and Colombia

Top 3 food : Pollo en pepitoria, Brerad toast with Tomato and olive oil,  Buffala e Truffa Pizza.

Music Style : Anything Jazzy, but depends on the moment

Topic you hated at school : Arts

Topic you love in real life : Arts

Best Trip in your life : Life itself. Lol.

Riders you looked up to as a beginner : Martti, Viki, Matthias, Adam Kun. (The clasics for 2005)

First thing you do when you wake up : Making some ginger tea

What is wrong with the World  : Systemic Inequality (Gender, Racial, economical….)

What is right with the World : Flatland.

What technology do you wish existed :

Favorite time of the year : Spring

Why are we here ?

We are here to learn, love and laugh. Also to forget, hate and cry.

What is more important to you, happiness, purpose or money :

Happiness, purpose and money, in that order. But anyways, Happiness is an attitude.

How is the scene in Spain?

Still alive. We need to work a bit more to make it grow. A lot of locals from different parts of Spain keep pushing it!

Questions coming from Benjamin :

What is your Favourite Sauce? Pepitoria

What was your First BMX bike? K2 B- Guetto

What plant are you the most like? Cashew Tree

What book do you recommend? Hundred Years of Solitude- Gabriel García Márquez

Questions coming from Taku :

What are your favorite books and why?
I don’t have a favourite one but lately I’ve been enjoying some classics: Dostoyevski books have some of the things I like from a book. Big dramas and suffering characters melted with some comedy.

What is the last meal before you die? Toasted bread with Tomato and olive oil.

How is the scene in Spain? UP

How do you come up with ideas for tricks? I think new tricks just appear if you ride often enough and if you are having fun while riding. But lately I’m taking more time on thinking more about concepts, styles and ways to build the combos. Sometimes from all this thinking I realise that for “this concept” it would be awesome to be able to do “this trick” so I go and learn it for the sake of the concept. ((((My favorite answer : by Dub))))

Questions coming from Tyler :

What is your favorite scene outside of Spain? Japan and France, but there are a lot of scenes I have no idea about them so….

What happened to the freecoaster wheel martti gave you? Hahahaha, somewhere at home.

How do the mic pegs help you? As an non sponsored by a shoe company rider this pegs make me save a lot of money since almost all the new tricks I’m learning are pivots.  XD (((WOosh))

Space travel or deep sea exploration? Space travel.

Questions coming from Joris :

When did you start riding in Slow Motion?

When I started riding I use to learn tricks going a bit slow. I thought it was more difficult so whenever I wanted to speed up it would be easier. BUT! Slomotion as style of riding it came with this hook tricks where I grab the bike with my foot, the only way I found to hold this tricks longer is to slow down, otherwise I would Gturn.

How many languages do you speak? 3, English, French and Spanish. I can say silly things in many more.

What made you start riding flatland? I got a BMX bike cuz I saw this X-games 2003 on TV, but I started doing street. I quit and a couple of years later while playing basketball I met Guelo and Garnacho. They taught me the joy of learning tricks. Thanks! 

Questions coming from Dub :

Who is Moya in 1 word? Me

What do you hate to love?

What do you love to hate? Football , Soccer or however you call it.

Anyone you would like to thank?

Too many so I will do the shortcut: My family , my sponsors and Guelo.

Moya is one funny guy, you may find him roaming the earth in places such as Dubai, Japan or somewhere in Europe riding some cool spots. He also takes some pretty RAD photos and videos. See him compete in FISE series this year starting in Hiroshima in April!

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