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Takuji Kasahara

Age : 40

Location : Japan at this moment

Years Riding : 25 years

Top five places : BC Canada, Turkey, Paraguay, Chile, Puyo Ecuador,

Top 3 food : Asado, Korean food, Turkish food

Music Style : Chill vibes music

Topic you hated at school : Moral education

Topic you love in real life : Flatland, World affairs, History, Invisible things,

Best Trip in your life : My whole life

Rider you looked up to as a beginner : Cory Stratychuk, Ryu Nakamoto

First thing you do when you wake up : Boiling water to make some coffee

If you were to reincarnate what time and place would you choose : Before God created everything or Before God was created

What is wrong with the World : To hate something or someone

What is right with the World : Love

What technology do you wish existed : Time machine

Favorite time of the year : Autumn

Why are we here : To live

What is more important to you, happiness, purpose or money : Happiness

What is the most intriguing place you have ever been?

Australia. That was my first place I lived and travelled outside of Japan. For a Japanese guy from the countryside, I had never seen that much foreigner in real life in fact I was a foreigner in Australia though. Everything was just so fresh to me, atmosphere, buildings, people, language that they speak.

Anyone you want to send love out to?
My mom and dad, sister and brother. My friends from all over the world who ride who don’t. igi bros as my second family and my sponsors Buoyancy BMX, Hommage bmx shop, devise clothing. At last, I have to mention these guys because they are the most awesome people I have ever met, Jean Willam Prevost, Benjamin Hudson, Christopher Thomas.

This is Taku at his local spot in Saitama a suburb of Tokyo, Japan. They call this spot the Matsudo spot or Chiba spot. So many good riders have emerged from this riding spot, including Taku, Moto, Yu Shoji, Yasunari Ishijima, Akihiko Takahashi, Takahiro Ikeda and many others!
Takuji is an avid traveller and has been to more thenย 35 countries including such places as Paraguay, Turkey, Bolivia, Australia, Poland and many others in the Eastern and Western Worlds. You may find him on his way to an exotic place ย or catch him thinking and planning his next trip, you will surely enjoy spending a day by his side discovering his knowledge about Flatland, it’s cultureand subcultures from around the World