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Joris Bretagnolles

Age : 28

Location : Lyon, France

Years Riding : 14 years

Top five places : California, France, beach, Mountain, maybe Japan

Top 3 food : sushi, French food with many cheese (I hate cheese) , and burger!

Music Style : rock 60’s dubstep and trap

Topic you hated at school : mathematics!

Topic you love in real life : flatland and flatland! Car, basket ball, snowboard

Best Trip in your life : American trip 2016 with my girlfriend through Montreal-New-York-Denver-Edmonton

Rider you looked up to as a beginner : martti kuoppa, Raphael chiquet, hirokazu Miurra and of course Dub

First thing you do when you wake up : check my actually on my phone.

If you were to reincarnate what time and place would you choose : 60’s in New-York

What is wrong with the World : religion war

What is right with the World : love!

What technology do you wish existed : Teleportation

Favorite time of the year : just summer

Why are we here : for love, create, and laugh.

What is more important to you, happiness, purpose or money : happiness but money is very important to cause without money, you have many stress.

Anyone you want to send out love too?

For sure my girlfriend cause this is my motivation for ride and work every day, and execute my dream and project. And the IGI family for the very good spirit!


Links :

Entretien avec Joris Bretagnolles

Joris is a train driver in the city of Lyon, France, though his results atย the FISE competitions last year have been remarkable and might as well prove that he could make a living from BMX Flatland at 100% if he chose too. you may find Joris driving an exotic sports car or crusin the beautiful streets of Lyon riding swerving through his pivots like you wouldnt imagine! Make sure to follow his instagram @jorisbretagnolles and his FB page click below!
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