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Pics by Jurgen Westermeyerย IG :@whoisjurgen

Benjamin Hudson

Age : 28

Location : Santiago, Chile

Years Riding : 13 years

Top five places : san pedro desert, canadian woods, japan, bordeaux, bolivia

Top 3 food : sushi, subway, salad

Music Style : Tribal and Trap

Topic you hated at school : physics

Topic you love in real life : travell stories, drug stories, spiritual stories

Best Trip in your life : IGI Bandwagon

Riders you looked up to as a beginner : Matthias Dandois, Viki Gomez, and tons of other riders

First thing you do when you wake up : Eat

If you were to reincarnate what time and place would you choose : any time and place where you could live just growing your own food

What is wrong with the World : lack of empathy

What is right with the World : Subway ? ahaha, that at least we know our errors or some of us

What technology do you wish existed : teleporting

Favorite time of the year : summer or autum

Why are we here : to lern experiences and feelings we cant in other states of mind

What is more important to you, happiness, purpose or money : three of them but in that order

How is the scene in Chile?

Now its getting better there are not much contests but there are good projects with flatland in schools so more kids are interested in the sport making the scene bigger, also there are some really good underground riders in Chile.

Anyone you would like to thank?

My family for the support that they give me through all the years of riding, the Chilean scene specially Carlos Jorquera and Carlos Espinosa for teaching me, also thanks to Jean William (dub) for giving me many opportunities !

Family the flatland community and friends!!!

Ben has been riding a wave since he turned 18. He left Chile for the first time and went and did shows in Beijing, China for two consecutive summers. In between those two contracts he travelled South America on the IGI Bandwagon with Dub and Taku. On his return from China, he was signed to RB and from then on was able to travel and compete in the World of BMX FLatland. The future is bright for Ben, please follow him on INstagram @hudsonflat and like his facebook pageย /benjahudsonBMX.ย